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My opinion is that Massive Darkness should have been branded as Black Plague 2 like Zombicide 1, 2 or 3.

I have several cmon titles and I do not condemn them. It’s a easy way to get games and if you don’t like them as much as you thought you do you can sell it without loss. I am not backing this massive darkness, because 1) the price is not to my liking and 2) I don’t think it adds nothing that Black Plague didn’t add. a couple extra tiles and some new heroes and such. But I don’t think it’s nothing new or innovative.. BUT whereas I think Cmon have their faults of milking the same cow instead of doing something innovative BUT because of them a lot of people start using kickstarter (myself included – now with more than 20 games). I didn’t have a boardgame before purchasing one of them. Now I have a lot kickstarter behind me and some non-kickstarter. I have sold must cmon (now I am expecting The Others & the rest of Black Plague and I am trying to sell B-sieged. But about milking the cow, does not fantasy flight do the same or games workshop? I think they do…

Well, overall I think CMON is great company that gives interesting games, albeit they don’t innovate much. I think Kickstarter changed and now it’s not a place to “okay I want to do this and you gonna help me finnacially” to “Okay, I have a game fully prepared and need money to produce.. but I can’t call it pre-orders :P”

There are exceptions… Middara or Gloomhaven and at some extent Dark Souls. But other big companies are using as a pre-order Scythe boardgame is one of them. This war of Mine is another good example of a fully develop game that only wants a pre-order…

Sorry I talk to much… But I only want to say that cmon has it’s faults but it brought a lot of people to boardgaming… just check in the games community tab.. Black Plague brought 3867 persons who had never backed a project before whereas Scythe only brought 1668. Well they don’t compare to Dark Souls with 9276 new backers. I know most of you didn’t back it but that 9276 new kickstarters will buy a new game eventually and will get into boardgaming activity… Not to mention that to some countries it’s the only way to get boardgames. Portugal, where I live, there exist a small community and I can count with my hand the total stores with boardgames…

Sorry 🙂