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Home Forums The Gaming Room So what’s everyone playing? Reply To: So what’s everyone playing?


Once every six weeks (although we’ve had scheduling problems this year) I meet with a friend for a games day and for most of the last 12 months we’ve played Warmachine and Hordes. Next time we meet it will probably be Mark Three rules.

After the mayhem of battle we try to play something lighter, working though the backlog of purchases, but haven’t got though many.

We spent considerable time playing Tannhäuser and Tide of Iron before that and plan to go back at some point, but not sure when.

Once a week I play RPGs with another trio. I’m usually GM, but been uninspired late!y, so taking a break while someone else runs D&D5. Again, there have been health issues and one of us has been missing most weeks, so I end up running something else.

Been trying to find something that works for me as GM and them as players, but struggling to do so, which is why we’ve been playing dungeon crawlers like Imperial Assault and Shadows of Brimstone. Painting Descent at moment, so that will be next.

I want to run Marvel Heroic RPG, but the dice pool is….. aargghhh!

So in short, gaming is unpredictable.