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Not going to bother with the zombies. Too many of them and easier to keep track of the heroes if the zombies are all one colour.

I’m planning a simplistic foam core to store them, so the paint would be easily chipped. A box each for walkers, runners, necros, abominations, archers and NPC’s. That way I can just grab a handful as needed.

Blood Rage and Besieged seemed better organised to me. Maybe it’s because Zombicide has a such a cult following and was a big KS, but their delivery was sluggish and they seemed virtually silent once the KS was over.

I’m reluctant to back another CMON KS… so it will have to be something special… and Massive Dorkness is nothing special. It’s still trickling along, but it’s a really uninspired KS in my opinion and their KS exclusive add-on to combine with Z:BP seems like a desperate attempt to lure in more of the OCD Zombicide backers. Making it a KS exclusive put me off even more, as the money grab was too obvious.