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AvatarUniversal Head

I have a very big collection of Dust stuff and enjoy the game, but it’s very annoying, not only to have YET ANOTHER version of the rules out (with ANOTHER set of unit cards), but now to see such an amateurish, ugly book. Couldn’t they have hired a professional graphic designer? I’m gobsmacked to see slabs of page-wide text crammed together like this. Who the hell changes the leading of body text repeatedly on a single page? And once and for all people, it is unacceptable to have A4 pages with a single page-wide text block! The whole thing looks like it was put together by a 15-year-old fan in his bedroom. Disgraceful and borderline unreadable in parts.

I’m sticking with the last version and my existing collection, and I very much doubt I’ll be supporting the game with any new purchases from now on. I’ve had it with being mucked around. At least Battlefront had a decent graphic designer on the payroll.