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CK Lai

Heh. What’s scary (in my book) is that these aren’t “amateurs who know how to use a program but know nothing about typography” but that these are actual graduates of today’s graphic design schools.

I wonder if they went through the rigorous training we did… kerning, leading, widows, etc. Rather, it seems to me some designers now “break the rules” of good typography without knowing what the rules are.

Still… this means I might settle for the Dust Tactics rules that came out under Battlefront but use the original black dice (which I have a TON of). Haven’t played Dust since the whole Dust/Battlefront brouhaha because I was told new rules (Dust 3.0?) were coming. Now that they are here… hmmmmm…

Or cherry-pick the parts of all 3 rules versions I like to come up with my own Frankenstein Rules version 😛