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CK Lai

Sounds like it’ll be a re-skin of The Others?

BTW, I really don’t get the disdain for CMON games… they have their niche. Zombicide is fun for a group that wants a light game to play, chuck lots of dice and see what happens with lots of laughter along the way. Of course, the group that prefers Twilight Imperium isn’t going to like it, but that’s what variety is all about. And I’m sure you can’t call Wrath of Kings and Blood Rage a bunch of minis bolted on to a game. You can complain about CMON going to the well too often and I’ll agree with you every step of the way. But as far as games go, I’m sure there are worse-looking ones with not as fun game play.

As as for overpaying for CMON Kickstarters… you’re expected to make your money back by selling the KS-exclusives for an arm and a leg on fleeceBay 😉