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I like the new faction colored minis. You can leave them unpainted and still play. I like how they made it easy for new people to just get into the system. The tutorial video is also quite good.

I do not like how I have to buy new cards for minis I already own. Nor do I like their new online-pricing policy (maybe another discussion). The War Room app is iOS and android… neither of which I own. Would’ve been nice if they offered a Windows version. I did look at some android emulators but, I find them lacking. So, I’d have to buy the faction deck cards… but, wait, they just released an errata list that seemed quite long! Do you want cards that may be already out of date? Back to buying an ipad or android tablet just for the auto-updating info in the War Room app (and pokemon go).

I do like the bookend collector sets for the rules. Too bad I’m poor.