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Yes, there are a few tricks.

First off, if you are behind routers and use direct connection, you need to set up port forwarding for the ports used. It is difficult to give instructions on how to do this, because it depends very much on what router you use. Here’s a – probably way too complicated – article on the topic. In short, you need to make sure that incoming connections on port 4747 are forwarded to the local IP of your gaming computer.

Second, make sure that the WotR client is allowed through your Windows Firewall.

Third as an alternative – this is the easiest option to set up and most people use it – both of you can install LogMeIn Hamachi. This allows you to create a virtual private network which you can use to connect. The client does detect Hamachi and will even list the associated IP addresses in the chat window on startup if Hamachi is running.

I’d be happy to help out with setting this up if either of you wants to connect with me on Skype.