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The Others arrived this week in a 37x37x45cm carton.
The Kickstarter bundle includes a heap of extra boxes which also include extra Faith and Sin dice (from the 5 sins and the two Faith teams).
Plenty of replayability as each of the seven stories come with two map variations and the two faith teams have their own variations as well with their extra map tiles.

The miniatures look pretty good although like the BlackPlague KS some figures seem a little less detailed and precise than others. Most of the sins figures look very good. Some of the corrupted figures appear a little less sharp. On the whole I’m looking forward to painting them.

The plastic tokens I ordered are almost exact replicas of the cardboard ones and seem a little disappointing for that.
I also ordered a Men of Faith & Apocalypse (some gigantic figures included) box as well.

I also notice the spawn/nest symbol on the map titles has changed from the Others eye/tentacle in the demo video to a more stylized shape. In keeping with the other symbols but less classy if you ask me.

I feel the basic game box is going to need some inserts to hold things in an ordered way.

So far I’m rather pleased with the components of The Others:7 Deadly Sins and hope to test try a few games this coming weekend.