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The Mansions of Madness App is on steam and google (presumably itunes too) and the rules up on FFG website along with a couple more previews.

App looks ok, but won’t know for sure until I get the game.

Four adventures. First is short as a rules teaser and lasts 60-90 minutes. Others get longer and tougher. Save game feature which is an essential on 3-4 hours investigation.

One guy was moaning that it he couldn’t unselect MoM 2nd edition and just use it with MoM 1st. Obviously not aware of the nature of the App.

I like new health and sanity rules. In 1e when you died/went crazy you added a new investigator to keep playing.

New version better.

You get wounded when run out of health, wipe out ‘face down’ (ongoing remains) damage and carry on playing until killed when run out of health.

Gain an insanity when run of sanity which changes your win condition, so you may end up working against other players covertly. Go nuts when run our a second time.

When a player dies/goes nuts, the other investigators have one turn to solve the mystery or lose the game.

More thematic than ‘another investigator stumbles by and helps you’ and the ‘one more turn’ means you don’t have a player sitting on the sidelines.