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Ah Twilight Imperium. For me, a game so big and complex I know I’ll maybe play it once a year at most, so I have never bought it. One day though. One day.

My time has been spent with Pathfinder: The Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous. Neat little “Diablo in a deck” card game where you level up your character deck with each scenario you complete, adding new weapons and spells you find along the way, ultimately working up to a big boss battle at the end of the campaign.

I’ve also been playing Super Dungeon Explore with my two daughters (4 & 6 years). I’ve streamlined the rules, focusing mostly on movement and basic spells/attacks, and I’m running it as a simple storytelling RPG-ish. Right now we’re working our way toward the castle of the Forgotten King to rescue the Queen of the Faeries so the forest spirit can be restored. I’ve had fun building story on the fly, and doing all the NPC character voices. And the girls are getting into speaking with their characters to the various NPCs we encounter. My six year old surprised me when she started telling backstory for her character, completely unprompted by me. It was a proud moment. ๐Ÿ™‚