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Mansions of Madness has arrived. Big box, Star Wars Rebellion sized and a lot of air inside, but that air will soon be filled with my 1st edition miniatures and tiles.

A lot less cards to deal with, but the app does a lot of that work ion this version.

I like the new investigator cards, all the information in one place instead of adding other mini cards to compete ‘character generation’. I know this removes some of the customisability, but in my experience that only slowed down the prep time.

As it’s a very ‘Innsmouth’ setting, the monsters are coastal… Deep Ones(4), Hybrids(4), Ghost(2), Child of Dagon(1), Priest of Dagon(1) and the repeated Cultists(6).

Medium bases are Riots(2 bases with three figures per base) and Hunting Horrors(2)

And the ‘big bads’ are Star Spawn(2).

As you would expect with FFG, component quality is good. Not keen on the double sided ‘Common’ and ‘Unique’ items as the only way to tell one from the other is the coloured strip at the top of the card (which I missed until I was looking for how to differentiate them). The colour matches the relevant decks, but it could be better done.

There are 5 d8 in the box. Face are three Elder Signs, three blank and two clues. You can spend a clue token to change a clue to an Elder Sign (success).

Hoping to get a solo test in before the weekend and then play with friends on Sunday.

Obviously I’d be hard pushed to paint everything by then, but the figures have jumped to the top to my ‘to paint’ list.

As for Mansions 1st Edition… that’s going into storage, just in case I want to play the bad guy at some point.