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Ok. I’m going to avoid spoilers.

Tried the first scenario which took me 2.5 hrs instead of 60-90 minutes, but it was my first game and I was learning as I played. And I lost…

It was a fun. The plot unfolded nicely and didn’t feel too random. The challenge is not just monsters, but completing puzzles and objectives before the plot gets out of control… which it did in my case…

It definitely doesn’t play like a dungeon crawler and I liked the challenge.

First game was with the 2nd Edition only to keep things simple. Prior to game arrival I ran through a virtual session to check out the app. The map was different that time than when I played for real.

I suspect they will release other adventures (probably in app purchases) in addition to physical expansions with other components (tiles, monsters & investigators).

And there’s one thing I would like, but it might seem counter-upgrade… an app that allows a human keeper to create their own adventures…