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Z-War One Damnation finally arrived. Been a few delays, but aren’t there always?

Still missing a few stretch goals as I opted for resin instead of metal and they had some problems with that. At the time I was in the infancy of drilling fingers for Hordes/Warmachine and wanted something softer to work with. Hindsight I would go for metal as more durable. But you live and learn.

Heavy box.

Character boards are solid stuff. Put CMON to shame. Same thickness as most game board tiles.

Rules are nice and glossy and it was the comic/game that lured me into backing.

Might be a while before I get to test it with Mansions of Madness arriving, but they plan on launching Chapter 3&4 once everything shipped and need to know before I pledge again if I want to expand it. Arc intended for 6 chapters in all.