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Third time around I complete the Cycle of Eternity adventure. Was a close call and both investigators were insane, but even with the insanity cards they had, they still managed to achieve personal win conditions.

Few bugs in the text and the save function doesn’t work correctly on steam apparently, but that’s no surprise.

Different monsters in every play through and the map different too, although some locations repeat for plot reasons (but often with a variant tile).

First multiplayer game tomorrow.

One tip… make sure you have a good rating in Lore if you expect to be the one solving puzzles. Dexter Drake (Forbidden Alchemy) and Agatha Crane (2nd edition) are the only ones with Lore 5, but 8 (if you have all 1st edition too) have Lore 4.

I look forward to the challenge of other scenarios, but may wait until save game is fixed.