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We had a few others in Dunedin that I’ve bought from in the past that either hardly ever had interesting stock, took months to get in anything you ordered, or were unwilling to negotiate on price. When these all closed down one year I had access to wholesale prices for a while and spent thousands on boardgames for my group that year (I host public open games at my place for friends and friends to be – like you I don’t have kids :-)).

After losing that access following a few local stores taking on the boardgame niche again I mostly ordered occasional games from MightyApe sales and this year from overseas retailers (after giving in to arguments from people on BGG that these were cheaper than local and actually have stock on hand).

I have tried to buy local with one business owner that has offered reasonable prices to those in my group, but even there my emails chasing up a game I was interested in never got an answer so I bought from an international retailer. Just can’t win.

The only thing that keeps local game stores above water seems to be collectibles like Magic the Gathering and the associated players addiction.

Everything else disappears within a fairly short space of time (usually the length of their initial lease).

I’d be willing to bet money this store won’t last long on main street rents.