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I live in central Scotland, UK.

We have 3 Warhammer stores within about 30 miles of each other. Stirling, Falkirk and Glasgow. (There is another in Perth and one in Dundee.) 5 in Scotland alone so I can’t complain. I have to say that of the three I visit the staff are always great. Chatty but not preachy. I mostly only buy pots of ludicrously expensive paint (£2.55) and the very occasional model to paint. I like the stores although quite small. There are always games in progress and keen painters hunched over their current projects.

They are always friendly places with a bit of a buzz. When I buy a paint the owners ask what I’m painting. I feel they are interested and are obviously sniffing for an up selling opportunity. When I tell them its for Imperial Assault or Blood Rage etc they usually just chat and chew the fat with me for a while as they know i’m not going to part with £120 (215nzd) for a mediocre GW board game.

I guess its just your luck with how is running your local store. I feel these places should be building a community but they are just too small.