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Storage solution that trolley you suggested wouldn’t work for me. Games are stored upstairs and games room downstairs.

It’s not just miniatures for me, it’s expansions. The first couple can usually be stored in the box, but it soon gets out of hand.

My X-WING miniatures are stored in KR Multicase.

Brimstone in foam core using both boxes and a plastic box for counters and poker chips (used to track xp and money).

Thinking of using Mansions version one box to store small base figures in slots with the rest and tiles in new box.

Imperial Assault spread over three boxes with expansions using foam core.

In short, no single solution… other than not painting them.

I think it depends a lot on transport. You need better protection if you play on taking them elsewhere. If you play at home mostly and can store them safely, the protection is less important.