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I canΒ΄t tell someone else if the price is worth it…thats up to each individualy. I have the big box with all the cards and tokens and like it. But I can say that all the stuff that makes it “different” is optional. If you do not like the dice-mechanic (like in SW) than do not use it. But if you give it a try…its a rather simple mechanic that “pushes” you from a combat oriented style to a more narrative style..while still fighting ;-). If that is not your cup of tea…also fine…you do not need it. The cards are the same thing…so much so that there is even a “normal” book without them. In essence they are the same as the gale force nine supplements to D&D…you have every information you need…be it items,spells or feats…at hand for easy reference…no bookflipping needed. I find it really cool and like 3rd for that. The only thing I have to complain about is the writing and editing of FFG…lets say that if you are used to writing that explains in depth but still is easy to understand and to the point, is build up in a logical order, easy to reference and has everything in one place…find another book. But that might be just me…I tend to get tired after the third time some not so importent info gets repeated for no reason when I am still waiting for some really vital info πŸ˜‰