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AvatarUniversal Head

I played WQA:ACG a few times solo and wasn’t particularly impressed. It’s funny how it seems to be the one everyone is sad to see go. As for WFRP3, I’ve talked about that elsewhere. I put a lot of energy and money into it, but I’d now say if you want to start a WFRP campaign, go for 2nd edition. 3rd edition is too reliant on components, especially endless cards. There were some innovative ideas, but in execution it all became a bit of a mess.

I’d really be interested to know if this ‘split’ was due to FFG developing the Runewars miniatures game, but I suspect the licence agreemnt had just run its course and neither came side to an agreement on its renewal.

Everyone should grab a copy of Chaos in the Old World and Fury of Dracula 3rd Edition though! Blood Bowl: Team Manager is good to.