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I read elsewhere that GW was not happy with the miniature games from FFG…starting with huge hit x-wing and following with imperial assault. They supposedly asked FFG to not sell them as they saw them as competition to their games and “threatend” to not renew the license. As FFG had no intention to drop those megasellers they new that the license would go and that they could do something like runwars the miniature game to expand on the succes of some gameplay parts of the other games in one of their ip´s.

That sounds to me like something that could have happend….especially the protectiv part of GW….and with asmodee in the back FFG could live with loosing the license and with it a significant amount of money.

So…anyone going to “invest” in some of the games to be sold at 3 to 4 times the price next year? 🙂

And now lets hope for the next big hit from FFG….”Star Wars The Miniature Game” ^^