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AvatarUniversal Head

Can’t agree with you that they’re a bargain Soulsorceror. A ‘bargain’ compared to GW’s normal insane pricing perhaps, but not by any objective measure. CMON’s latest The Others: 7 Sins looks far more like a bargain to me!

When I was sitting here cutting out the monster reference sheets for Silver Tower that I had to make myself because GW were too cheap to include them in a RRP NZD$300 game, I was getting a bit annoyed at GW and their pricing. To me it’s feels like they’re keeping the same stratospheric prices, but carefully cutting back on the number and quality of the components in the box. I had a look at the last version of Space Hulk the other day and the difference is huge – and that wasn’t in the same ballpark price-wise as Silver Tower or Deathwatch: Overkill.

Anyway, people (including myself sometimes) keep buying…