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I am VERY disappointed with the minis in second edition. So disappointed, in fact, that I went out and found both first edition big box expansions (Forbidden Alchemy and Call of the Wild) and bought them, instead of waiting for the new boxed products to release. I already owned first edition core. I got them both for MSRP, which is very lucky considering online prices now.

My fear after seeing the decrease in mini quality with second edition, especially with the investigator figures, was the new stuff will be the same quality as the other second edition investigators. The investigators from first edition are so much cleaner and more sharply detailed. It’s crazy really how much worse the new stuff is, especially when you see FFGs recent Descent and Imperial Assault minis, which are actually increasing leaps and bounds in quality.

The quality of the minis is a perplexing blemish on an otherwise very good update for the game. Another reason I wanted the first edition stuff was to maintain the option of playing as the Keeper, and experiencing all the cool story stuff, etc. that made first edition so cool. At least, my impression of it was cool from the limited exposure I had to it. After playing second edition twice, then going back and re-reading the rules for first edition, it’s actually pretty cool to see all that cool stuff: flavor text, immersion, exploration, etc. that was so appealing to me in first edition, were just a bunch of decks of cards. And the app for second edition is essentially doing the exact same thing, running the exact same systems, just more elegantly. My fear with second edition (before I saw the crap minis) was that the depth of story telling, all that mood setting flavor text from the different types of attacks, etc. would be lost with the app. On the contrary, the app makes it easier to be immersed, and provides all the same eerie, gut wrenching flavor of the original, just without all the hassle.

I’m very happy I was able to snatch up what’s left of the original game; It feels good having it in my collection knowing it’ll never be printed again. But revisiting the old stuff has me even more excited about the direction the updated game has taken and is set to go in the future.

Now, if only they can get their mini problem worked out…