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If you’re able to look past the minis, there really is a lot to like in the new package with the way the system has been refined.

You mentioned in one of your earlier posts about how you always wanted to get it to the table more, which is a feeling shared by me. This new game completely fixes that chunkiness, long setup, of the original, and still delivers on the stuff that made first edition enjoyable, which for me is the mood and exploring gameplay.

Through my forum searching, I actually learned a fair number of people actually bypass the minis altogether and just use the square monster tokens instead. It seemed like something they did with first edition as well. If you really want to start talking about overpaying for something…Sheesh….they’re leaving half the contents inside the box.

In summary, if you’re interested in it for the game, not the minis, it’s totally worth it in my opinion and I hope you give it a shot.