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@universal head Yup…the said bargain was compared to their normal (insane) pricing for single models (new Kharn model 35$ – thats a starter box price for a lot of other games! For a Space Marine sized plasik model!!!). The 51 Models in Silver Tower…with some of them being really nice…for 150$…and an actual game on top…letΒ΄s call it a GW-bargain πŸ˜‰

Besides GW being in their own world for many years…I do find it interesting that they slowly seam to change back to “the old days” with a bit of community interaction…starter bundles with saves to single buys…board games…reviving old favorites like Blood Bowl,Necromundo ect…redo White Dwarf the way it was back in the old days…interesting times!

Still not a fan of their rules…for some itterations now….less so of the release policy with the codices…and the pricing of them. So I spent my money on lots of other stuff for quite some time now. But I do like the fluff a lot…and the artwork…and the fact that they brought me into the hobby will make them for ever Special.