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Doesn’t it include Deep Ones, Shogoths, Star Spawn, Dark Young, Hunting Horrors, Cultists, Byakhee, Nightgaunt, Hound of Tindalos, and maybe more I’m forgetting. From what I saw online, they’re WAAAAAAAAY better sculpts too.

MoM doesn’t really ever require a ton of minis on the board at once, and I thought the quantities in Cthulhu Wars seemed comparable per monster type to MoM where that’s concerned. <shrug> But I just saw some figures last night, and thought it might work. Maybe it wouldn’t though.

On another topic. Painting….How did you paint your monsters for first edition? I’m stumped as to how/what to mount them for painting. I’ll be rebasing them on clear acrylic round bases. Usually there’d be crude base already for each monster, but with this game, and their big block base system, they lack that extra bit of heft i’d normally mount them to a cork with.