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DonΒ΄t think that there will ever be “the perfect game”. For everyone “perfect” is something very different. What one finds to be perfect another one does not like at all..be it Rules,Fluff,Art ect.

So…what does it take to be a huge hit? I think you have to be in the sweet spot that is something that is close enough for a large audience…so they are willing to overlook ist “flaws”. And even that could be influenced by the current market. A game that is clearly not perfect…but has something that was not available for a long time…or the first time ever…peolpe are a lot more tollerent to the flaws (say like Frostgrave). The next release needs to be much better to be an equal hit because tollerence is much lower…and so on.

Not sure I used the right words to describe it…but did my best…hope you understand what I tried to say πŸ™‚