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AvatarUniversal Head

This is why I was so excited back when AT-43 came out. The background was interesting (though poorly translated), the minis pre-painted well enough for me to get it on the table right away, the system relatively straightforward, but most of all it had a ‘feel’ that I liked. This was hugely reinforced by the expansion Operation Frostbite, which had a format I’m still amazed more companies haven’t copied: a self-contained campaign series of tabletop scenarios, with some tiles, a few minis, and a bit of terrain.

Even when I’m playing a tabletop miniatures game, I want a feeling of story and atmosphere behind it, not just two armies going head to head. This is one thing I don’t like about WoK, and I fear Runewars might have the same problem; you need a reason to fight!

As for boardgames, well there are so many different types. I think the search for the perfect game is part of why we all keep collecting games – it’s the promise of the perfect game, the potential when you open the box –will this be the one that captures that elusive magic? – rather than the inevitably slightly disappointing play of the game itself.