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Still waiting on delivery some final bits of the original Kickstarter – what a saga.
Now I’ll be able to enjoy it in my retirement/redundancy.

“Final KD:M Kickstarter Update still planned for Sept, but might slip to October.

– Lantern Festival – Still planning announcements this month, might slide to October, really hoping it won’t.
– Aya Painting Guide – Complete
– Kara Black Skin Painting Guide – Complete
– Digital Art book – Joe, Anna and I have been working on it!
– Holiday White Speaker Nico Settlement Card – Going to add this to the printed card pack (along with the cards from the recently released plastic models, that many backers already have). These will be available for cost + labor + shipping.

My intention is to have one final update for all the outstanding rewards listed above. While it was scheduled for September, a few things might push it back. Regardless, I want to ensure that Kickstarter 1 is %99.999999 wrapped before we launch Kickstarter 2.”