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It’s been confirmed that the investigators in the expansion sets (which are the ones that came with 1e, are the same figures, but they are cast in one PVC piece (base and all), the same as the 2e base set. I assume that’s because they are cheaper to produce than mounting them on the styrene disc as they were in 1e and the premium miniatures range.

Some of the investigators that had been made for the premium range have a completely new figure in the 2e box. The Urchin (I’ve forgotten her name) is a totally new, and much better figure than the photo of the premium figure on FFGs website. The paint jobs didn’t do those figures any favours either.

The monster bases have been retooled as well. The slots are too narrow in the smallest size and the hooks are too big to hold the identifier tokens firmly. Why they changed them from 1e baffles me as the original bases were perfect…