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AvatarUniversal Head

Ahh, printers. Pure evil sent from Hell. Printer companies should be investigated by governments. Quite apart from the fact that their purchasing model encourages obscene waste – when a new printer plus sink can cost LESS than a new set of ink – they are the most frustrating, unreliable, stressful machines on the planet, and the ink and paper prices are ridiculously over-inflated.

After about 4 different printers in just the last five years (Epson, HP, Brother, Canon), I’m currently on a Canon MB5360 which seems to be OK with compatible inks. Don’t buy Epson, their tech is too strict and you have to use their ridiculously overpriced inks. HP actually changed their tech to force people to use their inks.

I often wonder when someone very smart is going to come along and offer value and quality in this industry (printers, ink and paper) and render all these bastards obsolete.