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AvatarCK Lai

Despite the less-than-stellar rules, I’ve managed to play 5 games more or less correctly… (more correctly the more I play it, haha) and had a blast every time. So did those who played the heroes… despite not quite managing to win the 1st scenario.

So don’t let the rule book let you down. It’s actually the CARDS that are the problem and I seriously hope Monolith will reprint the cards with better and corrected translations. Imagine Conan’s Wallbreaker skill omitting the crucial info that he can only break down WOODEN walls and doors. 😛

“Any idea when revised rules will be made available?”

French Rule Book 2.0 supposedly mid-November and English end November. Then all backers get a free printed 2.0 rulebook. But I’d much rather get 2.0 as a PDF and get the corrected cards.

I’m afraid the EOG Rules reference can’t appear until Monolith has worked out all the kinks in the rulebooks and cards.