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AvatarCK Lai

“Was the plastic scenery (chests and stuff) free as part of kickstarter?”

Yes. But it will be an add-on for retail buyers.

“Bit disappointed in miniatures, especially the light grey ones. They look a bit ‘smooth’ and lacking detail.”

Heh. Big controversy over at BGG. Bottom line: details pop when most of them are primed. Sadly, it can’t be denied that a few minis do lack details, but it’s nothing to do with the plastic and all about the original sculpts. Main culprits : King Conan’s lion and Zelata’s wolf. May be a few others but I’ve not yet looked into the SG box.

“I will never, repeat never, understand why companies can’t get rules right. It is the most important thing in the bloody box, and yet so often they cut corners and use amateurs to write and design them.”

Rules were written by game designers that made too many assumptions. Nice if you have the game designer next to you to teach you the game. Not so nice if you are a retail or KS backer.