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I was never going to buy KDM, but you’re right about the review, although I admit a skimmed a lot after the first few paragraphs (it’s a long review), it does put you off buying it.

Hundreds of pounds for a game that is no fun and don’t want to play is a total waste… not just of money, but time and effort.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon looks fun and I am not dropping out of this one, but no way am I going ‘all in’.

A lot of backers drool over ever stretch goal and add-on, but at some point you have more stuff than you will ever need. The core game provides more than enough variation for many games. The Hera expansion I like with the campaign of heroes. The RPG I may buy.

Titans…. not impressed. $59 for four miniatures (albeit big ones) just does not add enough to the game for me.

I may weaken on something else, but I’m going to try to be strong.