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AvatarCK Lai

Besides the cost*, another aspect that really discourages me from this game is the need to assemble the minis. I’ve seen the minis as some of my friends actually bought the KDM 1.0 Kickstarter. I will say the minis will delight hobbyists because from a production aspect, they are excellent, (especially when painted) but extremely fiddly to assemble with zero assembly instructions provided.

Nowadays, for my boardgames, I much prefer my minis pre-assembled. Also, the need to have a long term, persistent campaign is where KDM shines. And I don’t have the time to invest in those type of games any more.

Whether one likes the look and esthetics of the minis is, of course, up to the individual 😉

* Cost again being dependent on the individual. As an example, for the price of the base KDM game, I got my Conan King Pledge plus a ton of add-ons and expansions and Stretch Goals… but it’s all again dependent on what each person wants/desires.