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Well jeez. Make me feel like a demented perv, why don’t ya? 😉

Nah. I totally get that it isn’t for everyone, and respect that as a reason to not support the product. I didn’t back the first game for many of the reasons you guys have listed here. On top of that, everything in the first KS was at such an early level of prototype I genuinely doubted the creator’s ability to turn an actual product out of it all.

Since then, multiple friends who bought the game have raved about the gameplay and the quality of the minis, and none of them to my knowledge bought any of the “extra” more erotic figures. I don’t see a reality where I could comfortably have the “pinup” miniatures on my painting desk for any amount of time. From a gameplay standpoint alone, this is something that I’ve wanted since they started telling me about it.

And I like the art. My wife always scoffs at my somewhat darker sense of humor, and some of the things I find enjoyable (no innuendo here. I mean movies, art, etc.) The art in this package, which I will 100% completely admit is dirty, misogynist, and somewhat puerile, appeals to me. I’m not going to pleasure myself to it. Let’s not be silly. I just like that sort of darker, twisted, “push the limits” sort of stuff that’s going to make 90% of the people who see it uncomfortable. I always have. I somewhat recently learned my mom is into the same types of things…I blame her.

I’ve got two young daughters, ages four and seven. I will not be able to let them look at the contents of this box for many many many…many many many (is this enough? nah) many many many years. That aspect of it isn’t lost on me at all. I will likely not get the minis all assembled and/or painted for a long time. That aspect is also not lost on me. I like this as a package, as a piece of gaming art, and the idea of having this as a project for many years to come makes me happy, and if I get to play it a few times, even better.

And as for fiddly minis….I play Infinity. I’m ready. LOL