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AvatarUniversal Head

I’m really considering long and hard before I get into any Kickstarters this year. In my experience so far I’m ending up with OK games with huge amounts of miniatures that never get used (or even painted).

Wrath of Kings and Blood Rage were both good deals and quality games, as was Scythe.

Journey Wrath of Demons still hasn’t fully delivered and the game is pretty meh.
Shadows of Brimstone is finally about to fully deliver after a long wait. The minis are less than average and the game is half-baked IMO.
B.Seiged is an over-produced game too reliant on luck that will very rarely make it to the table.
The Others and Fireteam Zero are both OK but not amazing, and I’ll doubt I’ll play them enough to use all the extra content.
Rum & Bones is OK and for some reason I got the new version – we’ll see how much better the gameplay is.
Conan is a fun game, but there’s so much extra stuff that will probably never get used and the publisher can’t even get a decent rulebook out let alone release scenarios that use any of it.

There have been other relatively forgettable games I’ve backed. In short, unless the deal is really amazing and I think I’ll actually use all the extra stuff, I seem to be ending up with a lot of shelf-filler.

I wonder if it isn’t better to just wait until a game is released and the real reviews come out before getting it.