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AvatarCK Lai

For 2017, I’m probably only pledging for Rise of Moloch (Victorian steampunk magic, which oushes all 3 buttons for me) and Rising Sun (hopefully will be as good if not better than Blood Rage).

The surprise KS for me for 2016 was Project : ELITE (massive controversy, naff minis but incredibly fun gameplay.) When a game ends up #1 and #2 respectively on Tom Vasel AND Rahdo’s Best of 2016 list, you know it’s got something going for it, since these 2 guys are on the opposite ends of the boardgame spectrum.

Scythe was also good, as was Conan, so no regrets there. I enjoyed The Others but question its longevity.

Aeon’s End and The Networks garnered good reviews but I haven’t yet had the time to play them.

Haven’t had time to play Mantic’s Deadzone 2.0 or Warpath 2.0

Centauri Saga was a bit of a disappointment. Banner Saga: no motivation to play.

All in all, 2016 was more hits than misses for me. 😀