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Ill health from my gaming group cancelled a lot of plans, so I still haven’t got around to playing Blood Rage.

Had quick solo tests of Z-War, Thunderbirds, Zombicide Black Plague and B-Sieged.

Moloch does ‘punch the right buttons’ for me too, but if 2016 taught me anything it is CMON make nice looking games with lots of miniatures, poorly designed gameplay and a reliance on too much dice rolling.

I was a backer for Project Elite, but dropped out due to the dice mechanic of fast rolling repeatedly with a time limit… hated that idea. And given the miniatures quality I’m glad I stayed out of it.

Deadzone 2.0 is still on my assembly line, but that was a cash buy, not kickstarter and I’m regretting it now as it sounds a pain to muster an army. Cards make life easier for war games.

Speaking of cards and war games, although not a KS… Warmachine/Hordes MK3 had a lot of errors that needed errata and Skorne is still a mess apparently (but luckily I don’t have that faction). Why mention it? Seems Privateer Press are going to abandon the cards with the figures as ‘everyone uses the app’… which is a load of crap…. I prefer cards. Alternative is print your own cards and that can get expensive… not to mention reduced print quality!