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Waiting for most of my 2016 KS stuff…got 7th Sea 2nd Ed. and Dropfleet Commander….both are great.

Do back mostly for tabletop skirmishers like Wolsung/Carnevale ect. and RPGยดs and I am avoiding the large board games.

Had the “lots of stuff but not much game-play-quality” feel already in 2015. Played a friends Brimstone and Zombicide and they where ok…but not that we would play them that much. Also often too time consuming in preperation. Said in another topic that the “huge piles of minis” deals tend to turn me off…just because I do not have the time to play with all of them much….and space is a Problem too…so I do not back often at all. But I bought mantics Walking dead in retail and it was fun right out of the box without preperation…great stuff!

Was waiting for WM/H 3rd to finally hop on board…but was disapointed that they did not get rid of the multiple minis with same pose in a box thing. Somehow I am not willing to pay big bugs for dublets…and have no time to convert to avoid that…so I hasitated to buy in…also was not sure of the Plastics quality…and after what I hear about 3rd I am not unhappy with that desicion.

Sticking to my skirmisher for a while longer then ๐Ÿ™‚

And finaly….my BIG Goal for 2017…besides spending less on my hobbys and use the stuff I already have more….is GETTING STARTED WITH PAINTING. After 30+ years of silver and grey pleasure…and a lot of AT 43 and Confrontation prepainted…I really need to get that going…better late then never ;-P