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AvatarCK Lai

Yah. I’m kicking the habit also. Sold off ALL my Descent 2.0 stuff last year … then bought the base game again when the app came out. Now I’m only picking up sets and expansions if they’re on sale at deep discounts. Otherwise I’m keeping my money firmly in my wallet.

Tannhauser. Got everything except the equipment cards and not going to buy them at the silly prices being asked on eBay.

Like UH, I’m kinda going for AT-43 also … dead game. And for the same reasons. My Therian Holy Grail : Succubus Golgoths 😁 everything else is available on eBay. It’s just a question of how much. 😉

Wrath of Kings … in now looking at the stat cards and deciding is it a unit I can use? If not, no buy.

Also learning to kick the KS addiction. Still backing games but smaller, simpler ones that don’t cost a bomb.