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AvatarUniversal Head

I just read the rules and to be honest I’m disappointed. There just doesn’t seem to be much there except a bog-standard set of skirmish rules with some upgrade cards thrown in between battles.

I looked through the comments and the designer answered the following in response to someone asking about its main points of difference:

Campaign Driven: SMOG is a full campaign game with progression over time. One Shot Adventures are fine, but you’ll get the richest experience from campaign play.

“Pick Up and Play Nemesis”: So in a lot of 1vM games the Overlord plays drastically different than the other Players. Here, you’re different, but not so different that I don’t feel you could actually switch out Nemesis players each game and it would be fine.

Character Customization: Whether Nemesis or Gentleman, One Shot or Campaign, you’ll get good opportunities to customize your Hero differently each game.

Nothing there that’s getting me very excitied.

It’s a damn shame as I like the theme and the miniatures. There’s just not enough here to make it different from a hundred other games I have.