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Steampunk is a fun setting, but nothing really grabbed me in the quick play through.

On the plus side, it doesn’t look like a reskinned zombiecide which is what massive darkness was. Lots of cmon games seem to rely on all the bad guys having one health and the the sheer number of figures in play adding excitement… it doesn’t… I get sick of moving 20+ minis around with a simple AI to control them.

I need to read the rules and see if there’s more too it. But a six part campaign is too short.

One of the flaws in these sort of campaign games (Imperial Assault and Descent are both guilty of this) is that after the campaign, you have to start again with zero xp to play the next story. My players were disapointed to be told that after they finished Imperial Assault (one mission to go… one player been ill for months) that the next arc was a fresh start. Roleplayers expect to continue to improve.