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AvatarUniversal Head

Similar in terms of being skirmish games in a Weird War setting, but otherwise very different systems.

You are team members cooperating, each with a hand of 5 cards that are your attacks, ‘life’, and also reactions you can play to what other players do. So the basic mechanic is that the more you attack on your turn and react on other players’ turns, the fewer damage you can take when the monsters attack. The monster AI is very straightforward – run at you and attack – but since they spawn on any one of 12 random spots at the end of every turn, you’re not really safe anywhere.

I found the game we played to be very dynamic as a result, with people constantly looking at their cards to pick ones that would help out other players and the overall objectives. There’s a lot of luck of course – the game came down to having to roll a particular result to defuse a bomb before the threat track ran out, and we failed, and the objectives are in a deck so they may come out earlier or later.

I’ll have to play more to discover whether it’s consistently good.