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I think Smog is going to struggle to hit a million in funding.

Massive Darkness hit a million in day two of the campaign, and that’s chicken feed compared to Zombicide games.

And this only runs for two weeks, compared to the usual month, so feels like they’re not really interested… unless they’re trying to push games out twice as fast, despite the fact they can’t deliver on time as it is.

I hate to say it, but unless they put in a Zombicide crossover, (Zombicide Gaslight?) or some ‘guest boxes’ (or Parente porn as I think of it) I don’t think this will get to a million, as cmon seems to rely on the OCD zombicide buyers to get the mega bucks.

If it doesn’t do well, we won’t see a ‘bug fix’ second game with more miniatures, which is a shame, because this game has some potential.