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AvatarCK Lai

For Descent 2.0 (since I’ve just set up the game to play with the in-app campaign) you get a slight choice between 2 Interlude and 2 Finale quests. A very small choice. You still need to play all of the main quests in the Shadow Rune campaign. A very far cry from the excellent branching campaign format of IA.

Yes, the Ether = Adrenaline. The more the heroes use Ether, the more the Overlord can do. L7:OP combined that with an innovative Overlord Command tile set where using certain capabilities had a “countdown timer” effect before you could use them again. Moloch just has a straightforward “use it or don’t use it” rule set.

Still, CMON has grabbed 2 well-regarded mechanics from 2 well-regarded games for Moloch. Innovative? C’mon, it’s a CMON game (Blood Rage was a flash in the pan, being an Euro worker placement game in wolves’ clothing… but what awesome clothing!). If you regard CMON games as gateway games to the dice-chucking, dungeon-crawly genre: well produced games, gorgeous minis (bling for the eyes) then they work very well on that level. My wife’s nieces and nephews loved Z:BP to bits despite never having played a game like that before.

Expecting innovative games from CMON (Blood Rage aside) is really expecting too much from CMON. They are what they are. They’ve carved out a comfortable niche for themselves, and even though they seem to be branching out a bit with Moloch, they don’t seem to want to stray very far from their niche.

In other words, complaining about CMON games’ gameplay is like complaining that water is wet 😉 They may gain positive reviews for producing good games within their specialty niche (YMMV), but they won’t appear on many “Game of the Year” lists because that’s not what they aspire to.