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Been looking at Blood Rage for comparison with Smog. That started with 46 minatures and finished with around 80, several of which are very large.

Blood Rage cost $75 with one addon (2 if you count art book), so was $105 including the fifth player option.

Smog: Moloch costs almost that for core game and started with 63 miniatures has added 25 so far. Assuming a similar rate of unlocks to Blood Rage there may be another six unlocks.

On a related matter, ‘In Her Majesty’s Name’ arrived today. Only skimmed rules, but looks OK. Ten factions. Ten scenarios. 12 variants to apply. Magic and technology. Basic skirmish stats of Move, Shoot, Melee with Pluck for fear and survival. One hit kills with Pluck to survive.

Won’t know how it plays until I get chance to try it. I’ll use some existing figures to try it out… Wild West, Victorian, Cthulhu, Soldiers.