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Love Wolsung….minis,rules and Terrain are great…nice flow…interesting fluff and characterfull minis. Did take part in the KS (my first KS btw) with a huge chunk and I am happy with it.

@The8thPagan Your link goes to the complete 1. Ed with everything in it that is absolutly playable. The 2nd Ed. has some fluff, a map and 3 new Minis as new part…and only cleared some rules up and was newly edited. The Clubs remaind the same…so for actual stats/rules of the minis go to the cards that are also free to download. And there is also a character creator on the side in case you want to make your own mini.

I recomend to go over to Beast of War for some Demo games with Lukas..one of the guys from MAS…they are really well done and informative…but you have to go back a bit…I think its over 2+ years back now.

As a game it goes fast and is fluid…I like the card mechanic…it scales nicely from 2-3 minis up…and has enough depth with combos ect. to have lots of fun…and Plays best with objektives/Scenarios and medium to heavy Terrain. And I really like the minis.

Oh…and if you are interested in the fluff…there is a RPG full of it. 🙂