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AvatarUniversal Head

I’m glad we just bought a house, because NZ seems to be becoming everyone’s choice of impending-apocalypse bolthole!

There are a lot of immigrants from the UK in NZ; perhaps too heavily weighted on the older, conservative white retiree site of the spectrum, because I personally think the country needs more multiculturalism and immigration from a greater range of countries to drag some of its old-fashioned habits into the 21st century. I’ve heard real estate agents joke about the number of older people from the UK that come here, buy a nice place, then sell and go back to the UK after a couple of years because they Miss the Old Country! 😉

Coming from Sydney I was surprised to find the cost of living relatively expensive, and the days of cheap property are quickly drawing to a close. Also there’s a smaller choice of goods and services of course. And postage sucks.

But I don’t miss living in Sydney at all. The craft beer is scene is excellent, but curries not so much (see previous comment above about multiculturalism).

Anyway, back to games. This ain’t a NZ immigration forum! 🙂