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AvatarCK Lai

Aaaand… we are back on topic: SMOG is funded! 😀

Some nice SGs were unlocked and looking at some of the 54mm sculpts for the original game, I’m glad we got most of them as 28-32mm minis instead.

The only thing I didn’t like about SMOG was the “pressure” of this campaign. “Pledge @ $120 for the KS-exclusive expansion”. “Get this expansion now as it’s limited at retail, never to be re-published”.

I backed Black Plague at the $100 level as I wasn’t convinced the Wulfsberg expansion would add that much more to the gameplay. But if it did, I’d be able to pick it up later at retail.

Not so for SMOG.

Ugh. The new CMON that’s gone down the GW road of public listing is beginning to rear its head. Rising Sun might be my last CMON Kickstarter if these kind of unsubtle pressures keep up. 🙁